League Results






19-09-202110:00West Yorkshire Ladies19 - 9East Yorkshire Ladies
19-09-202110:00West Yorkshire Masters A22 - 3East Yorkshire Masters
19-09-202111:00West Berkshire Ladies11 - 17Buckinghamshire Ladies A
19-09-202111:00Teesside Seniors16 - 12Cleveland Seniors
19-09-202111:00West Berkshire Seniors7 - 21Buckinghamshire Seniors
19-09-202111:00North Somerset Seniors15 - 13Wiltshire Seniors
19-09-202111:00County Durham Seniors9 - 19Northumberland Seniors
19-09-202111:00Cumbria Seniors15 - 13Tyne And Wear Seniors
19-09-202111:00Oxfordshire Masters20 - 5Hampshire Masters A
19-09-202111:00Staffordshire Masters A12 - 13Cambridgeshire Masters
19-09-202111:00South Yorkshire Masters B14 - 11Derbyshire Masters
19-09-202111:00North Yorkshire Seniors10 - 18South Yorkshire Seniors
19-09-202111:00Lincolnshire Masters B10 - 15Lincolnshire Masters A
19-09-202111:00Teesside Ladies10 - 18South Yorkshire Ladies
19-09-202111:00County Durham Ladies9 - 19Northumberland Ladies
19-09-202111:00Oxfordshire Seniors14 - 14Hampshire Seniors
19-09-202111:00Staffordshire Seniors11 - 17Cambridgeshire Seniors
19-09-202111:00West Yorkshire Seniors13 - 15East Yorkshire Seniors
19-09-202111:00Somerset Seniors14 - 14Dorset Seniors
19-09-202111:00Bristol Masters18 - 7Devon Masters
19-09-202111:00North Somerset Ladies9 - 19Wiltshire Ladies A
19-09-202111:00Bristol Seniors20 - 8Devon Seniors
19-09-202111:00Oxfordshire Ladies B11 - 17Hampshire Ladies B
19-09-202111:30Lancashire Masters A14 - 11Manchester Masters
19-09-202111:30Lancashire Seniors14 - 14Manchester Seniors
19-09-202111:30GMC Seniors18 - 10Cheshire West Seniors
19-09-202111:30Merseyside Seniors11 - 17Cheshire Seniors
19-09-202111:30Merseyside Masters21 - 4Cheshire Masters A
19-09-202112:00Cheshire Ladies16 - 12Manchester Ladies B
19-09-202112:00Warwickshire Mens B23 - 13Northamptonshire Mens B
19-09-202112:00Staffordshire Ladies A17 - 11Cambridgeshire Ladies
19-09-202112:00West Midlands Mens A21 - 15Worcestershire Mens A
19-09-202112:00Warwickshire Mens A16 - 20Northamptonshire Mens A
19-09-202112:00Lancashire Ladies A12 - 16Manchester Ladies A
19-09-202112:00Buckinghamshire Ladies B20 - 8Staffordshire Ladies B
19-09-202112:00West Yorkshire Masters B18 - 7East Yorkshire Masters
19-09-202112:00East Sussex Mens A23 - 13Essex Mens A
19-09-202112:00Oxfordshire Ladies A7 - 21Hampshire Ladies A
19-09-202112:00East Sussex Mens B17 - 19Essex Mens B
19-09-202112:00West Midlands Mens B23 - 13Worcestershire Mens B
19-09-202113:00Staffordshire Mens B15 - 21Cambridgeshire Mens B
19-09-202113:00Oxfordshire Mens B24 - 12Hampshire Mens B
19-09-202113:00North Yorkshire Mens A13 - 23South Yorkshire Mens A
19-09-202113:00West Midlands Mens C18 - 18Berkshire Mens C
19-09-202113:00West Berkshire Mens C18 - 18Buckinghamshire Mens C
19-09-202113:00North Somerset Mens B18 - 18Wiltshire Mens B
19-09-202113:00Bristol Mens A21 - 15Devon Mens A
19-09-202113:00Bristol Mens C22 - 14Devon Mens C
19-09-202113:00West Berkshire Mens B13 - 23Buckinghamshire Mens B
19-09-202113:00Somerset Mens B25 - 11Dorset Mens B
19-09-202113:00Oxfordshire Mens A17 - 19Hampshire Mens A
19-09-202113:00Bristol Mens B17 - 19Devon Mens B
19-09-202113:00Somerset Mens C23 - 13Hampshire Mens C
19-09-202113:00Somerset Mens A20 - 16Dorset Mens A
19-09-202113:00North Somerset Mens C18 - 18Wiltshire Mens C
19-09-202113:00North Somerset Mens A19 - 17Wiltshire Mens A
19-09-202113:00Oxfordshire Mens C17 - 19Northamptonshire Mens C
19-09-202113:00West Berkshire Mens A12 - 24Buckinghamshire Mens A
19-09-202113:00County Durham Mens B19 - 17Northumberland Mens B
19-09-202113:00Cumbria Mens B21 - 15Tyne And Wear Mens B
19-09-202113:00Teesside Mens A24 - 12Cleveland Mens A
19-09-202113:00County Durham Mens A20 - 16Northumberland Mens A
19-09-202113:00Staffordshire Mens C15 - 21Cambridgeshire Mens C
19-09-202113:00Staffordshire Mens A15 - 21Cambridgeshire Mens A
19-09-202113:00Teesside Mens B29 - 7Cleveland Mens B
19-09-202113:00North Yorkshire Mens B4 - 32South Yorkshire Mens B
19-09-202113:00Cumbria Mens A22 - 14Tyne And Wear Mens A
19-09-202113:00Teesside Mens C17 - 19South Yorkshire Mens C
19-09-202113:00Warwickshire Mens C19 - 17Derbyshire Mens C
19-09-202113:00Lincolnshire Mens C27 - 9Northumberland Mens C
19-09-202114:00GMC Mens A18 - 18Cheshire West Mens A
19-09-202114:00Lancashire Mens A21 - 15Manchester Mens A
19-09-202114:00Merseyside Mens B22 - 14Cheshire Mens B
19-09-202114:00Merseyside Mens A15 - 21Cheshire Mens A
19-09-202114:00Lancashire Mens B13 - 23Manchester Mens B
19-09-202114:00GMC Mens B23 - 13Cheshire West Mens B
19-09-202114:00Lancashire Mens C19 - 17Manchester Mens C
19-09-202114:00Merseyside Mens C19 - 17Cheshire Mens C
19-09-202114:00GMC Mens C22 - 14Cheshire West Mens C
19-09-202114:00East Sussex Masters12 - 13Essex Masters
19-09-202114:00West Yorkshire Mens A21 - 15East Yorkshire Mens A
19-09-202114:00West Yorkshire Mens C20 - 16East Yorkshire Mens C
19-09-202114:00West Yorkshire Mens B21 - 15East Yorkshire Mens B
19-09-202114:00Warwickshire Seniors13 - 15Northamptonshire Seniors
19-09-202114:00West Midlands Seniors15 - 13Worcestershire Seniors
19-09-202114:00Warwickshire Masters18 - 7Northamptonshire Masters
26-09-202111:00Leicestershire Seniors12 - 16Nottinghamshire Seniors
26-09-202111:00Leicestershire Masters11 - 14Nottinghamshire Masters A
26-09-202112:00Kent Mens C12 - 24East London Mens C
26-09-202112:00Kent Ladies17 - 11East London Ladies
26-09-202112:00Manchester Ladies A16 - 12Manchester Ladies B
26-09-202112:00Kent Mens B22 - 14East London Mens B
26-09-202112:00Lancashire Ladies B13 - 15Cheshire West Ladies
26-09-202112:00Kent Mens A15 - 21East London Mens A
26-09-202113:00Leicestershire Mens B10 - 26Nottinghamshire Mens B
26-09-202113:00Leicestershire Mens A21 - 15Nottinghamshire Mens A
26-09-202113:00Leicestershire Mens C9 - 27Nottinghamshire Mens C
26-09-202114:00Kent Masters12 - 13East London Masters
26-09-202114:00Kent Seniors14 - 14East London Seniors
26-09-202114:00Staffordshire Masters B13 - 12Nottinghamshire Masters B
17-10-202112:00Nottinghamshire Youths B7 - 18Nottinghamshire Youths A
24-10-202111:00Oxfordshire Masters B10 - 15Wiltshire Masters
24-10-202111:00Berkshire Youths17 - 8Oxfordshire Youths
24-10-202111:00Wiltshire Youths B3 - 22Wiltshire Youths A
24-10-202111:00West Midlands Masters B14 - 11Buckinghamshire Masters
24-10-202111:00West Yorkshire Masters B8 - 17West Yorkshire Masters A
24-10-202111:00South Yorkshire Youths A19 - 6South Yorkshire Youths B
24-10-202112:00East Yorkshire Ladies B16 - 12Derbyshire Ladies
24-10-202112:00Lancashire Ladies A22 - 6Lancashire Ladies B
24-10-202112:30South Yorkshire Youths B6 - 19South Yorkshire Youths A
24-10-202112:30Berkshire Youths20 - 5Oxfordshire Youths
24-10-202112:30Wiltshire Youths A23 - 2Wiltshire Youths B
24-10-202113:00Oxfordshire Masters B9 - 16Wiltshire Masters