League Results






07-04-201911:00County Durham Seniors19 - 9Northumberland Seniors
07-04-201913:00County Durham Mens A14 - 22Northumberland Mens A
07-04-201913:00County Durham Mens B14 - 22Northumberland Mens B
07-04-201915:00County Durham Seniors13 - 15Northumberland Seniors
19-05-201911:00Tyne And Wear Seniors16 - 12Cumbria Seniors
19-05-201913:00Northumberland Mens A16 - 20County Durham Mens A
19-05-201913:00Northumberland Mens B27 - 9County Durham Mens B
19-05-201913:00Tyne And Wear Mens B24 - 12Cumbria Mens B
19-05-201913:00Tyne And Wear Mens A22 - 14Cumbria Mens A
02-06-201911:00Cumbria Seniors17 - 11County Durham Seniors
02-06-201911:00Tyne And Wear Seniors12 - 16Northumberland Seniors
02-06-201913:00Tyne And Wear Mens A21 - 15Northumberland Mens A
02-06-201913:00Tyne And Wear Mens B15 - 21Northumberland Mens B
02-06-201913:00Cumbria Mens A16 - 20County Durham Mens A
02-06-201913:00Cumbria Mens B12 - 24County Durham Mens B
07-07-201911:00Cumbria Seniors16 - 12Tyne And Wear Seniors
07-07-201911:00Cumbria Seniors14 - 14Tyne And Wear Seniors
07-07-201913:00Cumbria Mens A15 - 21Tyne And Wear Mens A
07-07-201913:00Cumbria Mens B16 - 20Tyne And Wear Mens B
07-07-201913:00Cumbria Mens B19 - 17Tyne And Wear Mens B
07-07-201913:00Cumbria Mens A19 - 17Tyne And Wear Mens A
11-08-201911:00County Durham Seniors18 - 10Tyne And Wear Seniors
11-08-201911:00Northumberland Seniors13 - 15Cumbria Seniors
11-08-201913:00Northumberland Mens B22 - 14Cumbria Mens B
11-08-201913:00County Durham Mens A18 - 18Tyne And Wear Mens A
11-08-201913:00Northumberland Mens A27 - 9Cumbria Mens A
11-08-201913:00County Durham Mens B19 - 17Tyne And Wear Mens B
01-09-201911:00Northumberland Seniors17 - 11Tyne And Wear Seniors
01-09-201911:00Cumbria Seniors18 - 10County Durham Seniors
01-09-201913:00Cumbria Mens B23 - 13County Durham Mens B
01-09-201913:00Northumberland Mens B16 - 20Tyne And Wear Mens B
01-09-201913:00Northumberland Mens A18 - 18Tyne And Wear Mens A
01-09-201913:00Cumbria Mens A25 - 11County Durham Mens A
22-09-201911:00Cumbria Seniors6 - 22Northumberland Seniors
22-09-201911:00Tyne And Wear Seniors14 - 14County Durham Seniors
22-09-201913:00Tyne And Wear Mens A21 - 15County Durham Mens A
22-09-201913:00Tyne And Wear Mens B11 - 25County Durham Mens B
22-09-201913:00Cumbria Mens B14 - 22Northumberland Mens B
22-09-201913:00Cumbria Mens A16 - 20Northumberland Mens A
03-11-201911:00Northumberland Seniors19 - 9Cumbria Seniors
03-11-201911:00County Durham Seniors9 - 19Tyne And Wear Seniors
03-11-201913:00County Durham Mens B15 - 21Tyne And Wear Mens B
03-11-201913:00County Durham Mens A16 - 20Tyne And Wear Mens A
03-11-201913:00Northumberland Mens A18 - 18Cumbria Mens A
03-11-201913:00Northumberland Mens B23 - 13Cumbria Mens B
01-12-201911:00County Durham Seniors14 - 14Cumbria Seniors
01-12-201911:00Tyne And Wear Seniors18 - 10Northumberland Seniors
01-12-201913:00County Durham Mens B20 - 16Cumbria Mens B
01-12-201913:00County Durham Mens A16 - 20Cumbria Mens A
01-12-201913:00Tyne And Wear Mens B14 - 22Northumberland Mens B
01-12-201913:00Tyne And Wear Mens A24 - 12Northumberland Mens A
05-01-202011:00Northumberland Seniors15 - 13County Durham Seniors
05-01-202013:00Northumberland Mens B19 - 17County Durham Mens B
05-01-202013:00Northumberland Mens A24 - 12County Durham Mens A