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03-12-202311:00Cleveland Open ACumbria Open ACleveland
03-12-202311:00Cleveland Open BCumbria Open BCleveland
03-12-202311:00Cleveland Open CCumbria Open CCleveland
03-12-202314:00Cleveland SeniorsCumbria SeniorsCleveland
07-01-202411:00Cumbria Open ATyne And Wear Open ACumbria
07-01-202411:00Cumbria Open BTyne And Wear Open BCumbria
07-01-202411:00Northumberland Open ACleveland Open ANorthumberland
07-01-202411:00Northumberland Open BCleveland Open BNorthumberland
07-01-202411:00Northumberland Open CCleveland Open CNorthumberland
07-01-202411:00West Yorkshire Female BSouth Yorkshire Female BWest Yorkshire
07-01-202414:00Cumbria SeniorsTyne And Wear SeniorsCumbria
07-01-202414:00Northumberland Female Cleveland Female Northumberland
07-01-202414:00Northumberland SeniorsCleveland SeniorsNorthumberland
04-02-202411:00Cumbria Open ACounty Durham Open ACumbria
04-02-202411:00Tyne And Wear Open ANorthumberland Open ATyne & Wear
04-02-202411:00Cumbria Open BCounty Durham Open BCumbria
04-02-202411:00Tyne And Wear Open BNorthumberland Open BTyne & Wear
04-02-202411:00West Yorkshire Female BCounty Durham Female West Yorkshire
04-02-202411:00South Yorkshire Female BNorthumberland Female South Yorkshire
04-02-202414:00Cumbria Open CCounty Durham Open CCumbria
04-02-202414:00Tyne And Wear SeniorsNorthumberland SeniorsTyne & Wear
04-02-202414:00Cumbria SeniorsCounty Durham SeniorsCumbria
03-03-202411:00County Durham Open ACleveland Open ACounty Durham
03-03-202411:00Northumberland Open ACumbria Open ANorthumberland
03-03-202411:00County Durham Open BCleveland Open BCounty Durham
03-03-202411:00Northumberland Open BCumbria Open BNorthumberland
03-03-202411:00County Durham Open CCleveland Open CCounty Durham
03-03-202411:00Northumberland Open CCumbria Open CNorthumberland
03-03-202411:00County Durham Female Cleveland Female County Durham
03-03-202414:00Northumberland Female West Yorkshire Female BNorthumberland
03-03-202414:00County Durham SeniorsCleveland SeniorsCounty Durham
03-03-202414:00Northumberland SeniorsCumbria SeniorsNorthumberland
28-04-202411:00Cleveland Open ATyne And Wear Open ACleveland
28-04-202411:00Northumberland Open ACounty Durham Open ANorthumberland
28-04-202411:00Cleveland Open BTyne And Wear Open BCleveland
28-04-202411:00Northumberland Open BCounty Durham Open BNorthumberland
28-04-202411:00Northumberland Open CCounty Durham Open CNorthumberland
28-04-202411:00Cleveland Female South Yorkshire Female BCleveland
28-04-202414:00Northumberland Female County Durham Female Northumberland
28-04-202414:00Cleveland SeniorsTyne And Wear SeniorsCleveland
28-04-202414:00Northumberland SeniorsCounty Durham SeniorsNorthumberland
19-05-202411:00Cumbria Open ACleveland Open ACumbria
19-05-202411:00Tyne And Wear Open ACounty Durham Open ATyne & Wear
19-05-202411:00Cumbria Open BCleveland Open BCumbria
19-05-202411:00Tyne And Wear Open BCounty Durham Open BTyne & Wear
19-05-202411:00West Yorkshire Female BCleveland Female West Yorkshire
19-05-202411:00South Yorkshire Female BCounty Durham Female South Yorkshire
19-05-202414:00Cumbria Open CCleveland Open CCumbria
19-05-202414:00Tyne And Wear SeniorsCounty Durham SeniorsTyne & Wear
19-05-202414:00Cumbria SeniorsCleveland SeniorsCumbria
02-06-202411:00Tyne And Wear Open ACumbria Open ATyne & Wear
02-06-202411:00Tyne And Wear Open BCumbria Open BTyne & Wear
02-06-202411:00Cleveland Open ANorthumberland Open ACleveland
02-06-202411:00Cleveland Open BNorthumberland Open BCleveland
02-06-202411:00Cleveland Open CNorthumberland Open CCleveland
02-06-202411:00Cleveland Female Northumberland Female Cleveland
02-06-202411:00South Yorkshire Female BWest Yorkshire Female BSouth Yorkshire
02-06-202414:00Tyne And Wear SeniorsCumbria SeniorsTyne & Wear
02-06-202414:00Cleveland SeniorsNorthumberland SeniorsCleveland
07-07-202411:00County Durham Open ACumbria Open ACounty Durham
07-07-202411:00Northumberland Open ATyne And Wear Open ANorthumberland
07-07-202411:00County Durham Open BCumbria Open BCounty Durham
07-07-202411:00Northumberland Open BTyne And Wear Open BNorthumberland
07-07-202411:00County Durham Open CCumbria Open CCounty Durham
07-07-202411:00County Durham Female West Yorkshire Female BCounty Durham
07-07-202414:00Northumberland Female South Yorkshire Female BNorthumberland
07-07-202414:00County Durham SeniorsCumbria SeniorsCounty Durham
07-07-202414:00Northumberland SeniorsTyne And Wear SeniorsNorthumberland
04-08-202411:00Cumbria Open ANorthumberland Open ACumbria
04-08-202411:00Cumbria Open BNorthumberland Open BCumbria
04-08-202411:00Cleveland Open ACounty Durham Open ACleveland
04-08-202411:00Cleveland Open BCounty Durham Open BCleveland
04-08-202411:00Cleveland Open CCounty Durham Open CCleveland
04-08-202411:00Cleveland Female County Durham Female Cleveland
04-08-202411:00West Yorkshire Female BNorthumberland Female West Yorkshire
04-08-202414:00Cumbria Open CNorthumberland Open CCumbria
04-08-202414:00Cumbria SeniorsNorthumberland SeniorsCumbria
04-08-202414:00Cleveland SeniorsCounty Durham SeniorsCleveland
01-09-202411:00Tyne And Wear Open ACleveland Open ATyne & Wear
01-09-202411:00Tyne And Wear Open BCleveland Open BTyne & Wear
01-09-202411:00County Durham Open ANorthumberland Open ACounty Durham
01-09-202411:00County Durham Open BNorthumberland Open BCounty Durham
01-09-202411:00County Durham Open CNorthumberland Open CCounty Durham
01-09-202411:00County Durham Female Northumberland Female County Durham
01-09-202411:00South Yorkshire Female BCleveland Female South Yorkshire
01-09-202414:00Tyne And Wear SeniorsCleveland SeniorsTyne & Wear
01-09-202414:00County Durham SeniorsNorthumberland SeniorsCounty Durham